Member Benefits

ICCA Members value that there is a co-ordinated professional voice of the industry – a voice that represents the industry.  Equally members value the networking opportunities, recognition, training and communications offered by the Association. 

  • Industry representation – contribute to policy
  • Access to training days & seminars
  • Shared knowledge and industry learning
  • Supplier technical support
  • Product updates
  • Networking opportunities

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Criteria for Membership

Companies who wish to apply for membership of the ICCA must meet the following criteria.  Companies must:

  • Be actively involved in the provision of contract cleaning services in Ireland
  • Agree to be bound by the ICCA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Standards
  • Hold a valid Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Hold current insurances relevant to service provision including PL & EL
  • Remit a timely annual subscription to the Association
  • Adhere to the Contract Cleaning ERO (Employment Regulation Order), as set out by the JLC

Applicants must submit a completed membership application form, together with a current insurance schedule and a valid Tax Clearance Number.  Applicants must also confirm their agreement to comply with the ICCA Code of Practice & Ethical Standards and TUPE Guidelines.

Code of Practice & Ethical Standards

By agreeing to adhere to the Code of Practice & Ethical Standards for the Irish Contract Cleaning Industry (ICCA), Members undertake to:

  • Exercise the highest professional standard of workmanship
  • Be compliant with the provisions of the Contract Cleaning Employment Regulation Order (ERO)
  • Provide services with honesty and integrity
  • Conduct business within the law, practice fair trade and exhibit professional conduct
  • Provide a courteous service to customers at all times
  • Share knowledge and experience with fellow members for the benefit of the industry
  • Maintain a policy of continual education and professional development to improve expertise and keep up to date with technology and advances in industry

Employment Regulation Order

The contract cleaning sector employs thousands of personnel.  Employee payment rates and working conditions are governed by an Employment Regulation Order as agreed by the Joint Labour Committee for the Contract Cleaning Industry.

In accepting membership of the ICCA, Members agree to adhere to the provisions of the Employment Regulation (Amendment) Order (Contract Cleaning Joint Labour Committee) 2016 (SI No. 548 of 2016). 

A copy of the new ERO (legislated for under Statutory Instrument S.I. No. 548 of 2016 is available here.

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Category Subscription Payable
Equal or greater than €10m per annum €1985 + Vat @ 23% per annum
Greater than €6m and less than €10m €1210 + Vat @ 23% per annum
Greater than €3m and less than €6m €885 + Vat @ 23% per annum 
Less than €3m €715 + Vat @ 23% per annum