ICCA Awards 2020 – Applications


The ICCA Industry Awards are open to ICCA members who are in the business of providing professional contract cleaning services in Ireland.  It is important to note that it is the quality of the service that is provided is important and not the size of a business.

Applicants are required to complete the application process as outlined in the Award Categories & Application Process Guidance Booklet. Once an application is completed, please send in hard copy, together with a soft copy on USB, by post either to PO Box 12847, Blackrock, Co Dublin or to 8 Anglesea Avenue, Blackrock, Co Dublin.  Please note that your hard copy submission will be assessed by the judges, regardless of any other material that is included on the USB, so please ensure that your hard copy includes all required, and supporting, material.

Process – what is required?

  1. A Submission of up to 1000 words, setting out the details of your application for the Award, and why you feel most eligible to win.
  2. A Client testimonial supporting your application for the Award, and why in their opinion you should win.
  3. A Cleaning Operative and/or a Supervisor submission (for categories 1–10), setting out how the nominee epitomises dedication, commitment, good technique and certified competence.
  4. Your Corporate logo in jpeg and png formats.

Where possible, we would ask that you enclose photos of your nominees (in respect of a Cleaning Operative and/or a Supervisor); together with separate photos of the site. Please ensure that permission is sought, where required.  Note that these photos will be used for the purposes of presentations on the day of the Awards. If you do not submit photos, then photos of your nominees cannot be included.

Key dates

Open for Entry:   Monday 10th February 2020

Entry deadline:   Friday 10th March 2020

Paper Judging:   April 2020

Site Visits:   April – July 2020

Awards Ceremony:   16 October 2020

Contact Details


PO Box 12867 | Blackrock | Co Dublin




01 400 4318

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