Council Meeting & Member Seminar – Tuesday 11 May

Council Meeting & Member Seminar – Tuesday 11 May

A virtual Council Meeting for all Members, to include a Seminar, is being held on Tuesday 11 May from 11-1pm. This event is free for members to attend and member companies are encouraged to invite colleagues to attend which will be of significant value to your business. Those wishing to attend from Member companies should register by email to



The schedule for the seminar includes:

11.00AM – Chair’s Welcome 

ICCA Chair Avril McCarthy will give a brief update on the current objectives of the Association.

11.20AM – Overview of EU Initiatives & EFCI Activities, Isabel Yglesias, Executive Director

As Members of the European Federation of Cleaning Industries, we look forward to hearing about what is being worked on by the EFCI on behalf of contract cleaning companies throughout the EU, and learning what legislation may be coming down the line that might impact our sector.

11.45AM – Holiday Leave Entitlement – Hugh Hegarty, MSS

Calculating and attributing holiday leave entitlement can be a little confusing.  Hugh Hegarty of MSS will highlight the key areas to be aware of in relation to lay-of notice; carried leave; employer obligations etc.

12.10PM – Insurance Solutions for Contract Cleaning Companies – Ciarán Doyle, Risk and Insurance Advisor, Marsh Insurance      

Policy renewal periods can be challenging, with many members citing substantial premium increases. Marsh will help us to identify and understand the risks to which we are exposed as providers of contract cleaning services.  Members will learn to evaluate risk and work toward reducing losses and maintaining cost effective premiums.

12.35PM – Preparing for a WRC Audit – John Barry, MSS

Preparing for WRC audits can be time consuming and Members will appreciate that preparation is critical. John Barry of Management Support Services will take us through the steps required to prepare appropriately for a WRC audit.

1.00PM – Seminar Close